The Innate Appreciation of Farting

What is it about farting that is so amusing to guys and kids? It’s not funny to women that’s for sure – just ask Val (my wife). My twin girls (Ava & Zoe) are almost two years old and I assure you, they think they are funny too.

Let me try to paint a picture:

We are sitting on the couch last night watching Two and a Half Men (their favorite TV show and a story for another time) – Zoe on my lap, Ava on Val’s. I notice Zoe grab her diaper and lock her legs and POOOOOF!! She immediately spins her head around to look at me with this overly proud smile on her face.

Now how am I supposed to not laugh or smile? Even Val did.

But just as fast, her sister Ava, holds her breath, pushes and POOOOOF, poof – a double shot. The same appreciation of what she created in the air was certainly as evident as when her sister pushed one out.

Giggling ensued, naturally. I guess we come pre-programmed to appreciate the fine art of farting.

Just ask Ava & Zoe.