Just when I thought brands were beginning to “get it,” Procter and Gamble smothers the Sochi Olympics with this sexist ad:

This ad has over 17 million views on YouTube, 830k likes on Facebook, and 50k followers on the ‘Thank you Mom by P&G’ Twitter page. Of course the ad itself is extremely well done and pulls at your heartstrings. But why does it have to insinuate, by virtue of the fact they left out 1/2 of the equation, that the fathers of these amazing athletes had no role in their success, offered no support – emotional or otherwise, and are not deserving of any recognition?

It’s a slap in the face to all dads because this ad could have easily been targeted at, and inclusive of, all parents. I’m pretty sure that #thankyoumomanddad would have worked really well too. And they wouldn’t have completely annoyed all the dads who work so tirelessly to love, support, and encourage their children’s dreams just like mom.

Procter & Gamble certainly lived up to its name with this campaign. They most certainly took a ‘gamble’. I would have expected more from the company that also owns Gillette and heavily targets men for their shaving products.

So next time you you’re at the pharmacy buying your razors and shaving cream, maybe you’ll be reminded that P&G didn’t think that you were important enough to be included in their Olympic ad campaign featuring Moms. And Moms, don’t you think Dad deserves some recognition too? Maybe you’ll skip the Pantene, Tide, and Crest too.

P&G, #thanksfornothing

What do you think?
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  1. You make an excellent point. Fathers don’t always (or often) get the credit they deserve!